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Vulcano, off road and the Italian country side..


When Erik and I were in Sicily a few weeks ago, we also rent a car. Sicily is an island that has not so much of an so-called infrastructure. So it was quite needed we would have something to take us from A to B haha.
We rent a car at the airport (the organization was Sicily by Car) and took it with us the whole week.

On Thursday, the weather was not too good, so we made plans to discover the island a bit more. We drove more inland, through the rough country side of Sicily. We wanted to see the famous vulcano the Etna. It was further than we expected it to be, so we didn’t get that close. But in one photo you can see the Etna behind me!

Stunning views, small roads, and I mean reaaaally small roads and stiff hills. Luckily for me, Erik drove. So I could just scream and hold my breathe. Fortunately he is quite a good driver so we arrived safely at home the end of the day. ;)

Another day, we went to an old castle in Caccamo (Castello di Caccamo). We walked there for an hour or so and enjoyed the stunning views. We were lucky, cause there was a little music concert going on. Romantic, historic castle with some classic music: a great mix!

As you can tell by now, I really recommend to rent a car when you’re in Sicily! You will discover wonderful places, can stop wherever, whenever and are free to go anywhere.

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