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Best restaurants in Cefalú


When you spend your holiday at Sicily, you’ll probably pay Cefalú a visit since it’s well known and quite a popular seaside resort.
The small city is famous for its old houses and old streets. And while you’re there, of course you want to know what the best places are to enjoy a nice dinner in a lovely setting, where the food is typical Sicilian and tasty. Luckily for you, I have compiled a top 3 list of restaurants/bars where I went and think you should go too.

Are ya ready? Let’s go!

1)      La Brace
This restaurant is great. It’s the number one of TripAdvisor, and for a reason ;-).  The only people who work there are a woman and her son. He spoke Dutch pretty well (with a cute Italian accent of course) so we loved him right away, haha. Mother and sun run the place together. It is always full of people so I definitely advice you to go there (quite early) and see if you’re lucky. When it’s full you should make a reservation for another day! We ate there twice and made reservations for both of the times we visited. The menu is quite simple but the food is prepared with love and you can taste that. Everything is super fresh! Loved this place.

la brace restaurant cefalu
IMG_7103This pasta dish was a-ma-zing! We shared it, but we both felt like finishing the whole plate ;)

IMG_7101 Tapas and grilled mushrooms with cheese.. yum!

2)   Le chat noir
This is a very nice and romantic restaurant with loads of different dishes. Besides it’s romantic, it’s great to visit it with friends or family as well. It’s in the middle of a lovely, old street in the centre. It’s often full as well, so you must go there either on time or a bit later than you normally would. The people who work there are very kind and their food is delicious. Once, we ate at the veranda (at the photo down) and once, we ate in the garden/patio of the restaurant.

restaurant cefalu le chat noir


IMG_7021Above, you see the garden/patio of the restaurant. It’s a garden in the restaurant, under the sky/stars.

IMG_6760Bruschetta and the famous Sicilan pasta; tomato sauce, egg plant and cheese.. mmmm!

3) Bottega Tiviti
You can find this trendy bar/retaurant on the boulevard of Cefalú (Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, 7).  I love their style and their wine/gin tonic/food is gooood. It was the first restaurant we ate and the last one too. ;-) At the last day of our holiday, the people behind the bar and the waitresses knew exactly who we were haha. We went there five times, or so. They serve one of the best Bruschetta I’ve ever tasted! You should definitely visit them when you are in Cefalú, either for a (late night) drink or a lunch. I recommend the tuna salad ;-).



IMG_5316 IMG_5310 IMG_5304


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