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An April trip to.. Sicily!


Exactly four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided we needed a short break together. The weather in Holland was horrible and it was a good timing for both of us. We both could get a week off from work. But always the hardest question… where to go?! So many beautiful places in this world. We wanted somewhere sunny and not too far away from the Netherlands..

After looking up the weather forecast for the next few weeks, we decided we would go to the south of Europe. Somewhere we both never have been. Suddenly, my boyfriend saw a very good deal on the internet, and we booked it immediately.. Sicily it was!

Two weeks later, we flew to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. We would stay in a very old and well-known city in Sicily, named: Cefalù. An amazing small, touristic and old city on the north coast of the island. It was  a 1,5 hour drive from the airport so before we went, we booked a rental car online. The rental place was actually on the airport area (just 10 min walk), so that was very easy.

After some paperwork (it took aaaaages) and checking the car for scratches, we where finally ready to go!

We arrived just before midnight, thank God we arrived safely. Those Italian people drive like crazy!!! I heard and read about those daredevils a.k.a. drivers before.. and after this experience I can fairly  say all about it is TRUE. Phhhew..

Luckily, the service of the apartment owner was excellent. Our appartment was: Historico. In the middle of the city centre. 150 m from the beach. The reception stayed open till late because they knew we were coming. A really nice guy showed us the place where we could park our car for the week and showed us our apartment. Not too fancy but it was spacious and clean. All we could ask for!

We were starving so we went to the boulevard to eat some delicious pizza, luckily for us, those Italian stay open late. ;-)


Cefalù is a wonderful and old, veeery old, city. It has lots of little touristic shops and small, authentic, streets. It has a old-romantic vibe, if you know what I mean. Not too many places have that special thing. But Cefalù definitely has.

Before we went to Sicily, of course I googled ‘Cefalù’ to check it out. I found the most beautiful photos. Especially a lot of photos from the oldest part of Cefalù: the medieval houses near the beach.

Take a look at the photos I made and see why we loved this city so much..

map cefalùA map of Cefalù, the man from the apartment gave us.

streets in cefalu fisher house cefalu old streets in cefalù

Main piazza

The main piazza of Cefalù is beautiful. You can see the big famous rock and the cathedral that was built right under it (Chiesa di Cefalù). There are lovely terraces and we ate the best ice cream. I mean.. when you’re in Italy you HAVE to try at least one ice cream. It’s the best in the world!

I read about the special way they eat ice cream in Sicily.. it’s bread (in Dutch: een zacht bolletje) with ice cream! So weird but oh so tasty.

ice cream in sicily with bread

stairs cefalù piazza Walking on the stairs at the main square. Above, you can see the two towers of the cathedral!

Beach and boulevard

The boulevard of Cefalù is not too big but really nice to walk around and have a wine or two. ;-) There are some really good bars and restaurants. One in particular: Bottega Tivitti Pizzeria. I think we went there 5 times haha. The last day, the staff knew exactly who we were. ;-) Oops..
A few times, there were some men with their market stands. Just the typical touristic market things (handbags, scarfs etc.), but it was nice to stroll around.

boulevard cefalù beach cefalù beach of cefalù beach cefalù

The most famous part of Cefalù: the medieval houses near the beach. You can walk around and just sit in the sun like my boyfriend did with an old man next to him, while I secretly took a photo. ;) Just enjoying the views and feel the sun burn. A really nice place to walk around. This is definitely a must-see when you are in Cefalù!

old beach cefalu beach cefalù

On the other side, there are some rocks and big waves splashing around. It was quite hot when we walked there, so we sat down for a moment, read a book and enjoyed the water drops and views.

IMG_4812 IMG_4826 (1)

The last day, I took the most beautiful shot.. exactly how I saw photos before our trip when I surfed on Pinterest. Wow!

cefalù cleaar water

In my next blog, I will tell more about our day trip to Palermo and the other places we went to on the island!

x- Geertje

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